Daisy Garden Restaurant (Kam Gok Yuen) was established in the mid 1970’s as a family business. The restaurant quickly became popular with food lovers, and with good reason.

The restaurant's founder had a dream of bringing to Vancouver the vibrant and authentic flavours of contemporary Cantonese Cuisine that were then so popular in Hong Kong.

His plan was simple; lure his favourite chefs away from that famous city and bring them together here under one roof. Each had his speciality; roast pork and BBQ duck would be prepared by one chef, stir fry dishes by another. The most important and popular wonton noodles would be made in-house by yet another talented master.

With this recipe for success, Daisy Garden prospered rapidly over the next 10 years, expanding to 3 locations in Chinatown. In those days, if you were passing through Chinatown, any reason was a good excuse to stop in for a quick bite or pick up some inexpensive take-out to enjoy back home. Daisy Garden featured something for every taste, BBQ pork or duck, the famous Salt Baked Chicken, perfectly prepared wonton noodles or comforting congee, even tender curry beef brisket on rice. Good food is always hard to resist...

In the mid 1990’s, the family decided to consolidate the restaurants, merging them back into the original location at 142 East Pender Street.

In the early 2000’s, the founder passed away, but business remained strong right up until May 2014. By then, it was necessary for the second generation to retire and the future of this popular restaurant was in doubt. But Daisy Garden could not be sold to just anyone who wanted to buy a restaurant... It had to be someone who possessed the same passion for authentic, quality food and commitment to the local community as the original owner.